‘The case of being made useless by the angel next door’ Mahiru Shiina’s moon-viewing visual released cute and divine

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A visual drawn by Mahiru Shiina, the heroine of the TV anime “The case that my neighbor’s angel made me useless before I knew it,” which is based on a famous light novel on the novel posting site “Let’s become a novelist” etc. was released on September 10th.

The “Moon Viewing Visual,” related to September 10th, the night of the full moon, depicts cute Midday looking back with a big moon in the background. A visual introduction video was also released on YouTube, in which Manaka Iwami plays Midday’s recording voice.

“The case where the angel next door suddenly turned me into a useless person” is a light novel by Saeki and illustrated by Hanekoto. It depicts a love story between Shu Fujimiya, a first-year high school student who started living alone, and Mahiru Shiina, the most beautiful girl in school who lives in the apartment next door. A light novel has been published by GA Bunko (SB Creative).

The anime will be directed by Kenichi Imaizumi and produced by project No.9. Taito Saka will play Amane Fujimiya, Iwami will play Mahiru Shiina, and Taku Yashiro and Haruka Shiraishi. Broadcast in 2023.

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