‘REVENGER’ theme song ‘Down Timer’ non-credit OP video unveiled!

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From the TV anime “REVENGER,” which will start broadcasting on Thursday, January 5, 2023, the non-credit opening video of the theme song “Downtime” sung by Leto Bear (unknown Vo: O2) has been lifted.

The original anime “REVENGER” depicts the activities of a killer and a revenger who takes revenge on the powerless people, set in Nagasaki, which has a history that is slightly different from reality.

Nitroplus and Shochiku teamed up to create a unique anime series that has an adult mood reminiscent of historical period dramas, even from the PV that is currently being released.

The staff includes Gen Urobuchi (Nitroplus), who has created human dramas that touch the hearts of viewers with their meticulously crafted worldviews, such as “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” and “PSYCHO-PASS.” In charge of story draft and series composition for TV animation for the first time in about ten years.

The director is Masaya Fujimori, who charms with skillful directing such as the “Nintama Rantaro” series and “Monster Incident.”

Asiado produces the animation, the original character designs are by Jiro Suzuki and Yuuichi, and the character designs and chief animation director are Yuji Hosokoshi.

In addition, Maaya Sakamoto will be the ED artist, and she will sing the songs of this work, rich in mystery, fantasy, and exoticism, in a fresh and gentle voice.

And this time, a special non-credit opening video using the theme song “Downtime” by [Reto Bear (unknown Vo: O2)] has been released!

The video starts with the essential items and cuts of the film, such as broken glass, a statue of Mary surrounded by candles, a fortress, and an oval gold coin, and then close-up shots of the facial expressions of the five main characters emerging from the darkness. Impressive.

In addition, the scenes of each character’s assassination action that flow with a rock-like number and a sense of speed will raise expectations for the main story!

Finally, pay attention to the way of walking that shows each personality.

The TV anime “REVENGER” will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX and others from 22:30 on Thursday, January 5.

Please enjoy the non-credit opening video released this time as often as possible for the broadcast from January.

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