The Pretty Cure Legend Revealed in Episode 5 of ‘Hiropuri’ Differences in Fighting Directions. Sora: ‘I’ll Become Stronger and Protect Alone,’ Mashiro: ‘If You’re Protecting Elle, It’s Better to Protect It Together than Alone

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The 20th new series of the popular anime “Pretty Cure” broadcast on the 5th, “Spreading Sky!” Pretty Cure” (ABC TV/TV Asahi, every Sunday at 8:30), the fifth episode scene cut and synopsis have been released.

Episode 5, “Hand in hand! Our new technique!” is about Sora (voiced by Akira Sekine ), who recently started having scary dreams. It was a dream in which Prism (voice: Ai Kakuma ) was attacked during a battle with Rambog.

The next day, Sora and Mashiro hear the legend of Pretty Cure from Yoyo. Pretty Cure was a warrior who protected the kingdom from the monsters of the world of darkness that once attacked Skyland. However, Sora asks Yoyo to open the tunnel back to Skyland immediately.

Mashiro sees Sora, who tends to look down even when he goes out on the town with L (voice: Koga Aoi ), and asks, “What happened?” Confess what it is.

Mashiro tells Mashiro, “If you’re going to protect Eru, it’s better to have two people than one.” Kabaton appears along with a train-shaped Rambog. Leaving Mashiro alone, Sky transforms and confronts Ramborg. “Expanding Sky! The motif of Pretty Cure is the endless Sky, and the theme is the Hero.

The story unfolds in two cities, the sky world “Skyland” and the nature-enclosed “Solaseed City,” in which new Pretty Cures play an active role.

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