‘Sanji Depressed in Seconds’ What is the ending of visiting Sanji hoping to meet a prostitute / Anime ‘ONE PIECE’ Episode 987

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Episode 987 of the anime “ONE PIECE” was broadcast on August 15, 2021 (Sun). It seems that Sanji, who rushed into the Yukaku, had a disappointing ending and made the viewer laugh, saying, “I’m coming back with a desperate face.”

Luffy Zoro Kid and his friends rush through the castle on Onigashima to defeat Kaido. However, Kaido’s information store, Apoo, who stood in front of them, is so tough that he can’t beat him even if Kid hits a strong punch. In addition, Luffy and his friends are forced to struggle due to the attack that Apoo unleashes.

Around that time, the soldiers led by Nishikiemon were circling the eastern side of the island, and on the way, they found a Yukaku with a sign that says “Woman’s Difficulty.” Sanji, who accompanied Nishikiemon, couldn’t be silent and disappeared into the mansion as if he was sucked in a while yelling, “Wow! I will end up.

Naomi was a little disappointed at Nishikiemon, confused, and said, “Sanji-kun can be left alone.” Immediately after that, however, Sanji came out of the mansion with his shoulders dropped like a ghost. I couldn’t meet the prostitute. That should be the case because Luffy and his friends made a fuss, and most of Kaido and Orochi’s subordinates had left the Yukako.

Sanji’s actions are firmly punched, and on SNS, viewers expect “Sanji-kun, who leaves an afterimage and enters the Yukaku, isn’t it too much?” “Sanji feels depressed in seconds because he can’t meet the prostitute.” A voice that pleases the action that does not betray. However, it may have made sense to find out that there were no enemies in the Yukako.

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