‘Butchigire!’ Final story Take back Tsukito from Abe no Seimei!

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The original TV anime “Butchigire! ] Episode 12 (final episode) synopsis, scene cut has arrived. In addition, the setting images of Haruo Tsuchimikado and General of Miscellaneous Masks Demon have been released.

“Butchigire! ] is directed by Tetsuo Hirakawa, character designer Hiroyuki Takei (masterpiece “SHAMAN KING”), planning: Twin Engine (masterpiece TV animation “Dororo”), animation production: Geno Studio (masterpiece TV animation “Golden Kamuy”). Original TV animation. It tells the story of sinners chosen as substitutes for the Shinsengumi executives and their struggle to protect the public order of Kyoto.

The twelfth episode, which will finally reach its final, will start broadcasting sequentially on TOKYO MX and others from 22:30 on Friday, September 23rd.

Synopsis and scene cuts are here!

Episode 12 (final episode) “Butchigire!

Due to Tsuchimikado’s ceremony, Tsukito is possessed by Abeno Haruakira.

Ichibanboshi and the others fight to take back Tsukito, but Abe no Seimei’s power is overwhelming.

Episode 12 staff

Screenplay: Kenta Inohara/Storyboard: Daisuke Shimamura/Director: Kaoru Suzuki/Chief Animation Director: Toshie Kawamura/Animation Director: Akane Umezu, Emi Hirano, Tomoaki Miura, Masaki Hyuga, Tamako Miyanishi, Marina Sato, Koichi Sugitani, Kodai Iwata (Assistant Animation Director), Asuka Hayashi (Assistant Animation Director)

Moreover, in the 11th episode broadcast on Friday, September 16th, it was revealed that Haruo Tsuchimikado, voiced by Shou Hayami, is the general of the Miscellaneous Masked Demon!

Haruo Tsuchimikado, who gave the name “Shinsengumi” in the second episode, reappears in the form of a surprise. What will happen at the end of the fight with Kaedama Shinsengumi? Stay tuned for the final episode!

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