Sazae-san and Nissin Food Products ‘Seafood Noodles’ Co-starred in a unique commercial with rap, becoming a hot topic on SNS.

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The television commercial “Sazae-san and the Sea” is a tie-up between the TV anime program “Sazae-san” (Fuji TV series) based on Machiko Hasegawa and Nissin Foods’ cup noodles “Cup Noodles Seafood Noodles,” which is filled with the umami of seafood. Rap Hen” will be aired on July 20th. With Sazae-san leading the way, a large number of rappers coolly rapping at a good tempo on the beach, and the unique collaboration commercial between “nationally popular people” has become a hot topic on SNS (membership exchange site).

Sazae-san navigates

“Summer is seafood.”

At the beginning of the commercial, Sazae-san appears in a cool-looking tank top with a miniskirt. This line is a play on the famous line from the opening song (sung by Yuko Uno) of the TV anime program “Sazae-san.”

“I’ll eat it at home from Soto Achi” “Let’s dry red,” “Squid with ingredients like an octopus.”

In the commercial, rappers of different nationalities, from adults to children, sway their bodies like seaweed on the seashore while repeating impressive rhymed phrases.

The lyrics are about Nissin Foods’ popular product “Seafood Noodles” (214 yen, tax not included) and the spicy “Red Seafood Noodles” (tax not included), which is only available in the summer and features a soup accented with chili peppers and coarsely ground black pepper. 214 yen) is “full of emotion.” We arranged the familiar song from the TV anime program “Sazae-san” for the rap song.

Inspired by the sea

This collaboration was realized with the expectation of a synergistic effect because both “Sazae-san” and “Seafood Noodles” are related to “sea.” The characters in Sazae-san are named after the sea: turban shell, bonito, salmon roe, cod, trout, Namihira, boat, and conger eel. On the other hand, seafood noodles contain seafood ingredients such as squid.

The lyrics released by the rappers who challenge themselves daily contain the secrets hidden in ‘Seafood Noodles.’ The octopus-like filling is squid, and the Nissin Foods logo, written in white on a semicircular red background with the word “NISSIN,” is arranged in the shape of a “house.” At the end of the commercial, the logo expands and contracts vertically and horizontally in a “gunyari” manner, which is conscious of the image of the house that appears at the end of the ending song “Sazae-san Family” (sung by Yuko Uno) of “Sazae-san.” It’s becoming

Fun to discover unexpectedness

Miho Namba, a professor at the GLOBIS Graduate School of Management, who is familiar with public relations and public communication, points out that this commercial has become a hot topic on social media because it has a precise mechanism that allows viewers to enjoy themselves.

Mr. Namba said, “The national dish ramen that everyone wants to eat when they see it. Even if you win if you show it, it’s a familiar story on SNS. Because of its popularity, rivals are also competing. A popular long-lived character, “Sazae-san,” is appointed. Just doing it is not enough to attract attention,” he said. On top of that, she emphasizes, “Unexpectedness and persuasion are important to attract viewers and leave a good impression.”

So, is there something unexpected about rap? If you include rap, will viewers feel happy? Namba denies it. “Rap, which originated as a statement and rebellion against society, is now traditional music close to young people. Ramen and rap are rather familiar to young people. “Sazae-san” and “Rap” are well combined with “Seafood connection” and the flow of rap music. I think it’s fun to discover that unexpectedness.” (Tenchi Takahashi)

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