Named ‘Nobita’ for fossil footprints of a new species of small dinosaur found in Sichuan Comments welcomed by Chinese Doraemon fans

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A fossil of the footprints of a carnivorous dinosaur was found in Sichuan. It was considered a new kind of small dinosaur because of its distinctive characteristics, and it was given a scientific name. Still, it is said that it was named “Eubrontes Nobitai” after the main character “Nobita” of “Doraemon” by the intention of the discoverer.

The news was also reported in the Chinese media, but Chinese Doraemon fans also welcome the information. Various opinions are written in the news Yumin Hoshizora that said this article, but most of them are positive.

For example, “The author of Doraemon is an international and pacifist person. It is the same as the spirit of Fujiko Fujiko that you can use the name of whatever you like regardless of the country.” Is the first of Doraemon’s feature films.

The pacifist content was a remarkable work that had a significant influence on our childhood. I learned great values ​​from this work. These works are another generation. If he had been born before, the situation in Japan at the time of World War II would have been different. “

Furthermore, in response to anti-Japanese opinions, comments such as “You should not think about these good works in connection with matters between nations. I feel respect for the wonderful works and the wonderful authors for this name.” It was observed.

From these comments, it was found that there are many Doraemon fans in China, and many have loved Doraemon since childhood. I also found that many people were influenced by Doraemon’s “pacifism.” (Edit: Mizuki Tokita) (Image courtesy of 123RF)

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