Sharp home appliances custom voice ‘Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure’ appeared.

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On August 16, Sharp released the animation “Hirogaru Sky!” The pretty Cure” customized voice has been removed. It is handled by the voice customization service “COCORO VOICE” and costs 3,300 yen.

Added this time, “Spreading Sky! Pretty Cure” has customized voices for “Cure Sky/Sora Harewatar (CV: Akira Sekine),” “Cure Prism/Mashiro Nijigaoka (CV: Ai Kakuma),” and “Cure Wing/Tsubasa Yunagi (CV: Ayumu Murase).” “Cure Butterfly / Hijiri Ageha (CV: Ayaka Nanase),” “Princess L (CV: Aoi Koga),” and “Rambog (CV: Koichi Soma)” will be lined up.

Customized voice is compatible with the water oven “Helsio,” the waterless automatic cooking pot “Helsio Hot Cook,” and the “Plasmacluster Humidifier Air Purifier.” The morning, noon, and evening greetings and menu recommendations are uttered in a specially recorded voice.

In addition, to commemorate the release of customized voice, we plan to release a custom model with an original illustration printed on the front of the air purifier.

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