YOASOBI ‘Idol,’ tied for 1st place in history! Achieved 10th ‘digital double crown.’

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In the latest “Weekly Digital Single (Single Song) Ranking” and “Weekly Streaming Ranking” announced on August 16, YOASOBI’s opening theme song “Idol” of the TV anime “[Oshi no Ko]” ranked first. Earn. Last week on August 14, it achieved “2 crowns in the digital ranking for the same work” for two consecutive weeks and ten weeks.

Acquisition in 10 weeks was tied for 1st place in history, along with Official HIGE DANdism “Subtitle,” in the “Number of Weeks Acquired in Digital Double Crown.”

In the “Oricon weekly digital single (single song) ranking,” the number of DLs per week was 15,000 (14,728 DLs), and it won first place for the 2nd consecutive week and the 10th week in total from August 14 last week. It is the fourth group (fifth in history) to win first place for ten weeks with a digital single, following Kenshi Yonezu, LiSA, and Official Higeo dim. The cumulative number of DLs is 444,000 DLs (443,794 DLs).

On the other hand, in the “Oricon Weekly Streaming Ranking,” it won first place for 18 consecutive weeks and 18 weeks since its first appearance on April 24. With this, the record of “number of consecutive weeks winning the 1st place” became the third place in history, following Official HIGE DANdism “Pretender” and Aimyon “Marigold.”

In addition, the number of weekly playbacks recorded was 16,990,000 times (16,990,481 times), achieving over 10 million weekly playbacks for 18 consecutive weeks from 4/24. The record of “Consecutive weeks over 10 million views per week” is tied for the 1st place in history, along with Official Higeo’s “Subtitle.” The cumulative number of plays was 386,509,000 (386,509,231).

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