‘Flash of Hathaway’ Mechanical Design Mr. Yasuhiro Moriki, surprised by the image of Gundam ‘It is not a design that is supposed to move.’

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A talk event for the animated movie “Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway of the Flash” was held in Tokyo on the 11th, with the participation of Haruhiko Mikimoto, the original character design Yasuhiro Moriki, the original mechanical design, and Shinichiro Inoue, an advisor to KADOKAWA.

Who was in charge of character design for the novel version published from 1989 to 1990 said, “Animation has come up wonderfully? It is an honor for me to give credit in the form of the original character design there. ” Mr. Moriki, who was also in charge of mechanical design for the novel version, recalled, “I’m glad I did this work 30 years ago. It was a movie version of great quality.”

He was initially written as an illustration of a novel, Gundam and Penelope2 machines. Mr. Moriki said with a bitter smile, “When I designed it, I didn’t expect it to be an anime. It wasn’t designed to move. I often moved it so far. I can only say I’m sorry.” “I’m fine with the quality. I can only say thank you,” he said.

At the time of the offer, he thought, “I can finally do Gundam.” However, he recalled, “The order list is more than” flying in the sky with Minovsky craft “and” launching funnel missiles’ “and it seems to be over (laughs). Well, what should I do?” Mr. Inoue smiled with a bitter smile, “I’m very sorry.” Mr. Moriki smiled, “I didn’t think it would be the movie version in 30 years, so I didn’t think about moving it. I wrote it with glue-like the strongest Gundam. I enjoyed it.” When asked about the difference between Gundam and Penelope, Mr. Moriki said, “For, it is an extension of Gundam. I draw Penelope as a different thing.

That’s about it, and when I drew it on paper, it was completed. I haven’t thought about it too much. ” Now, besides being brothers, Gundam and Penelope have various settings added. Mr. Moriki laughs, “I didn’t know the content (of the novel), so I didn’t even know that I was making it in the same place. I’m doing it without knowing various major premises. By chance, it’s well organized.” According to Mr. Inoue, it is speculated that the setting of variable functions was added to Penelope in the second volume, “Mr. Tomino thought by looking at the design of Penelope.” because it appears in the game, SunriseI made it official by Mr. Hence, I redesigned the settings.

I drew the details of the front and back. It was said that the flight units would be separated, and he said, “I haven’t thought about that.” (laughs). I held my head a lot and managed to separate it. I recently learned about the Argos unit, “he said, laughing at” Gundam Aruaru. “

This work is the latest work of Universal Century Saga, produced as the second movie adaptation of the “UC NexT 0100” project, which depicts the 40th anniversary of Gundam’s birth in 2019 and the next 100 years of the Universal Century. A work that strongly inherits the world view of “Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack” (1988) depicts the final battle between Amuro and Char.

The vertical axis is the battle of the anti-Earth federal government movement “Muffty,” The horizontal axis is the crossing fate of its leader Hathaway Noa, the mysterious, beautiful girl Gigi Andalusia the federal colonel Kenneth Sleg.

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