‘Ice attribute boys and cool colleague girls’ decided to be made into a TV animation by Yui Ishikawa & Chiaki Kobayashi to cast

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On the 21st, it was decided to make a TV animation of the popular comic “Ice Attribute Boys and Cool Colleague Girls” serialized in the new web magazine “Gangan pixiv” by Square Enix and pixiv. Along with lifting the ban on the decision to make a TV animation, a congratulatory illustration drawn by the original author Miyuki Tonogaya and comments have been released.

This work is a heartwarming “work-type romantic comedy” woven by Mr. Himuro, a descendant of Yuki-Onna who lives in the present age, and Mr. Fuyutsuki, who tends to be seen coolly from the surroundings. The number of original comics has exceeded 500,000, and the latest six volumes will be released on the 22nd.

The cast of the two leading characters will also be announced, with voice actor Yui Ishikawa playing the role of Fuyutsuki and Chiaki Kobayashi playing the role of Himuro-Kun. In addition to “Movie Sumikko Gurashi His Jumping Picture Book and Secrets,” Mankyu, who was the director of numerous works, will be the director. The animation production was decided by Zero-G, who worked on the TV animation of “The Night Beyond the Window,” and the animation studio Rebel, which was established in 2021.

The official anime website and official Twitter are also open. In the future, we plan to lift the ban on additional cast staff information and music information. In addition, further information on animation will be announced on August 3, which is the birthday of Himuro-Kun, the main character of this work.

Yui Ishikawa & Chiaki Kobayashi

The impression when you first touched this work.
‘Ishikawa’ Mr. Himuro, the descendant of Yuki Onna, and Mr. Fuyutsuki, who is a cool beauty. I wondered if the two people who were chilly in such a way had an excellent relationship. It was so hot that I kept squeezing into the appearance of the two innocent people! Contrary to the title, it is very gentle and warm work.

‘Kobayashi’ The first impression is “Mr. Fuyutsuki is cute!” (Laughs). I was frustrated that the relationship between Mr. Fuyutsuki and Mr. Himuro, who are so cute, would not be deepened, and I hoped that the relationship would remain as it is. In addition to these two characters, unique characters will appear, but each person is a good person and full of charm that makes you want to support, so it is a work that I think I will do my best.

Impression about the character you play.
‘Ishikawa’ At first glance, it’s cool, and it’s hard to see her emotions, but she’s a very kind and mysterious little girl. She doesn’t move much and doesn’t feel like herself, but when Fuyutsuki-san is shy or laughs. She’s so cute.

At first glance, Himuro-Kun has an excellent and complex image. Still, because he is a descendant of Yuki-Onna, he regulates himself so as not to bother her. Her efforts were tremendous and painful, but it was nice that Mr. Fuyutsuki and the people around her accepted it and entertained it. I feel very relaxed when I think such a relationship can be established because Himuro-Kun is kind.

A word for fans looking forward to the anime broadcast.

‘Ishikawa’ It’s work that makes me smile unintentionally because the relationship between the two people is so lovely that it’s frustrating little by little! Please look forward to the broadcast!

‘Kobayashi’ Not only fans of the original work but also those who come into contact with this work from the anime will surely be worried about the cuteness of Mr. Fuyutsuki. They will do the same prettiness as Mr. Himuro. It’s a charming and unique story, so let’s watch the future of the two together.

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