‘Shine Post’ climax visual, retrospective PV lifted!

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The TINGS climax visual of the TV anime “Shine Post,” which is being broadcast from July 12, 2022 (Tuesday), has been lifted.

“Shine Post” is a media mix idol project by Konami Digital Entertainment & Straight Edge. It is a new media mix project that draws the story of girls who aim to be “absolute idols” in “novels” and expands the experience with “games,” “anime,” “music,” and “LIVE.”

This time, the TINGS climax visual has been released, which is studded with the memories of TINGS, who successfully performed on the stage with five people.

Also, from 25:29 on October 4 (Tuesday), a retrospective PV of episodes 1 to 9 was released in preparation for episode 10.

The PV is a video that summarizes the trajectory of five people who overcame their weaknesses and conflicts in summer, Rio, Momiji, Yukine, and Haru.

Don’t miss the TV anime “Shine Post,” which has only a few episodes left!

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