‘Detective Conan’ The boy detective team is desperate !? The one who came to help Ayumi Yoshida froze in the snowy mountains and cried. / Anime Episode 1037

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In the anime “Detective Conan” on Saturday, February 5, 2022, episode 1037, “Whiteout (Part 2)” was broadcast. The viewers seemed very excited about Conan’s success in the snowy mountains, saying, “Conan is to the prince !”.

The origin of this was a “murder case” that occurred at a ski resort. When Ayumi Yoshida, a detective boys group, witnessed the whole story, she was chased by the criminal who noticed it. Conan and his friends hurriedly fled to the snowy mountains and continued walking toward the hut with a landline phone. An unexpected accident occurs on the way, and Conan, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Motota are separated.

Ayumi keeps waiting in the snowstorm while Conan is desperately searching for everyone. She was so delicate that she shed tears on the way, but when she suddenly raised her face, a familiar figure appeared from the other side. Of course, the figure is Conan, and he apologizes to the first opening, “Ayumi-chan, sorry for being late.” Ayumi was so impressed that she hugged Conan and revealed her joy, saying, “Conan-Kun … I … I thought he would come!”

As if he was a prince rushing to a pinch, the viewers said, “Conan who finds Ayumi-chan first and comes to help is too cool …!?” I’m sorry I’m late, “everyone will fall in love with me.”

After that, Mitsuhiko and George Kojima were rescued safely, and Conan protected the detective boys until the end. It’s no wonder that Ayumi and the viewers of the world are thrilled with her breasts.

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