‘SPY x FAMILY’ Synopsis released on the 15th episode broadcast New family, Bond appeared in the commemorative visual.

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A commemorative visual was released on the official Twitter to commemorate the 15th episode of the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY” (Spy Family) broadcast on the 15th.

The main visual depicts Lloyd, Anya, and Yol, as well as a new family Bond with a big white dog.

At the same time, the synopsis of episode 15 has been released on the official website. Lloyd confronts the enemy’s bomb dog, Anya secretly saves Lloyd, and Yol discovers the escaped terrorist mastermind. Each family member was involved in the terrorist bombing, but what would be the outcome!? Say you want to keep Lloyd, who knows about the backstory of the dogs, is reluctant, but Anya even says that she will quit school if she doesn’t support them.

The main character of this work is Lloyd, a brilliant spy who works on intelligence missions every day for a better world. A special mission (mission) arrives to such him. It is to “create a family and infiltrate a certain prestigious elementary school.” A spy action comedy that creates a “family” and challenges missions.

The original manga is serialized in Shonen Jump +, and it is a famous work with a cumulative circulation of over 26.5 million copies, and the first season of TV animation was broadcast from April to June 2022

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