‘SL Anohana 10th Anniversary’ runs for one day only in Chichibu, the sacred place of “Anohana’!

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Anime ” do not know the name of that day saw flowers we are still. In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the “SL Anohana 10th Anniversary “broadcast, “SL Anohana 10th Anniversary” will be operated on August 1, 2021, in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture.

This project commemorates the 10th anniversary of “Anohana,” and the SL Paleo Express, which operates on August 1, is called “SL Anohana.” It is to run as “Flower 10th Anniversary”.

A unique headmark will be posted on the day of the event, a memorable ride commemorative certificate and souvenirs will be presented, a Janken tournament will be held, and an anime character cosplayer will be on board. Please note that SL Paleo Express requires reservations. It has also been decided that the full wrapping train “Super Peace Busters Train” will be in fixed operation (fixed time) for a limited time from July 31 to August 29. For details, see ” Chichibu Railway. To the official website. About SL Anohana 10th Anniversary Operating date August 1, 2021 (Sun) (2) Event details Posting a special headmark Presenting a special boarding memorial certificate Presenting a souvenir (Kudari Kumagai) -Chichibu) Provided by: Chichibu City-Janken Tournament (Kudari Kumagai-Chichibu) -Anime character cosplayer ride (Kudari Kumagai-Chichibu) (3) Others SL Paleo Express requires a reservation. [July 31 (Sat) -August 29 (Sun) Wrapping Train “Super Peace Busters Train” Fixed Time Operation] “Super Peace Busters Train” which started operation on April 3, 2021, is more We will operate fixed process (fixed time) only on Saturdays and holidays from July 31 (Sat) to August 29 (Sun) so that many passengers can board. * Weekday time does not operate at a fixed time. * Only regular tickets can be used. * Operating timetable may change suddenly due to circumstances. Please note.

Main boarding stations: Mitsumineguchi line Departure from Hanyu: 6:06 Departure from Kumagai: 6:32 Departure from Yori: 7:05 Departure from Ohanahata: 7:48 Departure from Kagemori: 7:52 Arrival at Mitsumineguchi: 8:09 Main Boarding station: Kagemori line Departure from Hanyu: 11:58 Departure from Kumagai: 12:22 Departure from Yori: 12:55 Departure from Ohanahata: 13:36 Departure from Kagemori: Arrival at 13:39 Arrival at Mitsumineguchi: -Main boarding station: Line to Kagemori Depart Hanyu: 15:44 Depart Kumagai: 16:09 Depart from Yori: 16:40 Depart from Ohanahata: 17:24 Depart from Kagemori: Arrive at 17:27 Arrive at Mitsumineguchi:-[Nobori] Main boarding stations: Depart from Mitsumineguchi for Hanyu :-From Kagemori: -From Ohanahata: -From Yori: -From Kumagai: 5:30 Arrive at Hanyu: 5:52 Main boarding stations: From Mitsumineguchi, Hanyu: 9:45 From Kagemori: 10:07 From Ohanahata : 10:10 Departure from Yori: 10:51 Depart from Kumagai: 11:26 Arrive at Hanyu: 11:48 Main boarding stations: Depart from Mitsumineguchi for Hanyu: -Depart from Kagemori: 13:47 Depart from Ohanahata: 13:51 Depart from Yori: 14:29 Depart Kumagai: 15:06 Arrive Hanyu: 15:29 Main boarding stations: Depart Kumagai Mitsumineguchi: -Depart Kagemori: 22:25 Depart Ohanahata: 22:29 Depart Kumagai: 23:06 Depart Kumagai: 23 : 36 Arrival Hanyu Arrival:-(C) ANOHANA PROJECT (C) AP

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