‘Sound! Euphonium’ series, unlimited viewing starts on Prime Video

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The “Sound! Euphonium” series from Kyoto Animation has started unlimited viewing on Amazon’s Prime Video. The distribution titles are as follows.

“Sound! Euphonium” (15)
“Sound! Euphonium ~Welcome to Kitauji High School Brass Band~” (16)
“Sound! Euphonium 2” (16)
“Sound! Euphonium ~Melody I want to deliver~” (17) )
“Liz and the Blue Bird” (18)
“Theatrical version Sound! Euphonium-Oath Finale-” (19)

The “Sound! Euphonium” series is based on a novel by Ayano Takeda, set in a high school brass band. The struggles of the members of the brass band are depicted in the 1st and 2nd seasons of the TV anime and the following story, “Oath Finale.”

“Welcome to the Kitauji High School Brass Band Club” is the first stage, “Melody I want to Deliver” is the second stage theater compilation, and “Liz and the Blue Bird” is the second stage of Mizore Yoroizuka and Nozomi Kasaki. A story woven by human girls was drawn.

In the same series, the new middle part, “Special Edition Sound! Euphonium Ensemble Contest,” will be screened in theaters on August 4, and the sequel, “Kumiko 3rd Year Edition,” will be broadcast in 2024.

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