The otaku manga that bites the freedom of becoming an adult is deeply emotional.

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A lot of sympathies is gathered in the manga that depicts the moment when an otaku who loves ” Cyborg 009 ” really thought, “I’m glad I became an adult.”

was Mr. Aishima who released this manga. I’m drawing a significant incident in myself that just happened the other day. To commemorate the opening 20 anniversary of Ishinomori Yorozuga Museum, character designer Naoyuki Konno due to the drawdown of Mr. “Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier”:

news of a new picture is drawn of the (so-called flat zero) has jumped. We also sell goods using new images. Hira Zero is an excellent work for Aishima-san. When I was in junior high school, I fell in love with 009, read a book, and in Miyagi prefecture, I was doing my best to watch the anime broadcast early in the morning. Aishima-san’s youth was 009 whether she slept or woke up.

When I was a junior high school student, I needed parental permission to go anywhere, and there were high hurdles to go out. But now I can go out without any obstacles. While freely assembling the schedule, Mr. Aishima thought, “I’m glad I became an adult.

“Aishima-san, who enjoyed the exhibition after successfully obtaining the goods he was looking for, finally found something challenging. It is a panel of sushi that was installed as a photo spot. Aishima-san’s emotions explode in front of her, and her knees collapse. And I thought like this. “I’m glad I became an adult .” Many sympathetic voices have been received in the manga, and it has become popular with more than 17,000 likes. Work provided by: Aishima

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