‘Summer Time Render’ 2 consecutive fantastic broadcasts from April PV release with the voice of Natsuki Hanae and others

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It turned out that the TV animation “Summer Time Render” will start in April. It has been announced that the story will be drawn to the end in all 25 episodes of 2 cools in a row. At the same time, a PV containing the voices of the cast members such as Natsuki Hanae has also been released.

This work is based on the SF suspense manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump +.” Shinpei Amiyo (CV: Natsuki Hanae), who returned to his hometown for the first time in two years after hearing his childhood friend’s obituary, heard an ominous rumor that those who saw the “shadow” would die, and over the “shadow.” I’m caught up in a strange incident.

The director is Ayumu Watanabe, and the series composition and screenplay are by Hiroshi Seko. A live-action project is underway, along with the TV animation.

In the PV for just over a minute, the voices of Hanae, who plays the main character Shinpei, Anna Nagase, who is Shinpei’s childhood friend who died in a marine accident, Anna Nagase, who plays the role of Shio Kobune, and Saho Shirasu, who plays the role of Mio Kobune, who is the younger sister of the tide, are unveiled for the first time. Along with the daily life of a remote island rich in nature, a line says, “I repeat July 22nd”, and you can get a glimpse of the story of the same work with a timely element.

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