The official anime ‘Dropkick on My Devil X’ counters illegal clippings. The official clippings are declared to be ‘uploaded faster than anywhere else and are a hot topic.

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“Dropkick on My Devil X” is a comedy anime broadcast on TV, in Tokyo, and others. The official account tweeted that it would upload the official clippings as quickly as possible to counter the current situation where illegally uploaded clippings have achieved 5.5 million views.

In the reply column, VTuber voice actor Ruri Asano commented, “If you upload English translation subtitles and English translation titles while uploading faster than anywhere else, you will win !!!”. Then, the “Dropkick on My Devil X” official accepted the advice and immediately added “English title and subtitles.”

The next day, she succeeded in “fastest uploading with subtitle translation,” as declared. You may want to register if you are interested in such an advanced official account.

The official Twitter account of the anime “Dropkick on My Devil X” has declared that it will “upload the official clippings faster than anywhere else” in response to the illegally uploaded clippings.

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