What is your favorite TV anime produced by ‘TRIGGER’? Explain five representative works!

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Animation director of Masahiko Otsuka and now stone Hiroyuki -san, an animation studio that Masumoto Kazuya’s production producer was founded in 2011 “TRIGGER (trigger).” I mainly produce original animation, and in recent years the movie “Promare” has become a hit, which is a new place to remember.

This time, let’s think about the theme “What is your favorite TV animation produced by” TRIGGER “?” What is your favorite among various edgy works? First of all, I will explain five representative results.

● Kill la Kill

Set in the instinct school, it is a unique school centered on a battle between the student organization insider ” Satsuki Kiryuin ” and ” Ryuko Matoi,” who pursues the mystery of his father’s death. There are many absurd parts in the story, such as the appearance of a willing “extreme uniform,” but it was a work full of power that forcibly convinced it. It was created with a Showa era taste throughout the story, and many people probably remembered it nostalgic.

● When Supernatural Battles are in everyday life

This is an animated version of the light novel by Kota Nozomi. One day, high school literary club members suddenly awakened to the power of tremendous talent. However, even after waking up to their abilities, they were still devoted to love and school life. Although I was surprised by the gap between the “daily part” and the “unusual battle part,” the unreadable story became popular.

● Space Patrol Luluco

It is a daily animation with the main character, Luluco, an ordinary female junior high school student appointed as a space patrol member instead of her father, who became iced. The story makes me feel magnificent, but Luluco’s interest was only in everyday life, centered on love, and the gap was fun.


This is an anime based on Tsuburaya Productions’ special effects program “Denkou Chojin Gridman.” In this work, the setting of “Dengeki Chojin Gridman F,” which could not be visualized, is utilized everywhere, and both old fans and new fans highly evaluated it. The heroines were particularly popular, and the fan art was posted on SNS in large numbers, which became a hot topic.


One day, the hero suddenly became a “beastman” who looked like a raccoon dog. It is a work that seems to be a mixture of science fiction and fantasy, exploring the cause of becoming a beastman and their history and culture. TRIGGER’s favorite gag and comedy colors are slightly suppressed, and although it is not clear, the philosophical theme of “what is a person” is drawn.

● What is your favorite TV anime produced by “TRIGGER”?

In addition to this, there are various distinctive TRIGGER works such as “Little Witch Academia” and “Darling in the Frankis.” Which is your favorite work?

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