‘Spriggan’ will be distributed in 2022! The second teaser PV ban has been lifted!

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From the Netflix original anime series “Spriggan,” the second teaser PV has been unveiled. In addition, the distribution start time has been postponed to 2022 to improve the quality of the work further.

“Spriggan” (Original: Hiroshi Takashige / Drawing: Ryoji Minagawa ) was published in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” (posted by Shogakukan) from 1989 to 1996. Serialized, a legendary manga that dominated all at once in the ’90s, the cumulative circulation of comics has exceeded 10 million. It was made into a theatrical animation in 1998. And it has been over 30 years since the serialization started, and it is decided that in 2022, a spirit will be produced by David production as a Netflix original animation series! The story is a swashbuckler that depicts the activities of Yu Ominae, a boy who is struggling as a special agent “Spriggan” of “Arkham,” which was established to seal the heritage of a super-ancient civilization—directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi of “Hisone and Masotan” and “Kiznaiver,” Series composition and screenplay by Hiroshi Seko of “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “BANANA FISH,” character design and animation director by Shuhei Handa of “Little Witch Academia,” making full use of 2D drawing and 3DCG for action and ancient romance Reborn with a full of images.

The second teaser PV that has been lifted is a masterpiece video that makes you feel the enthusiasm for the work by the staff, including director Hiroshi Kobayashi and David production, who is in charge of video production.

The PV of about 40 seconds shows several action scenes with a sense of speed that even blinks. In addition, the voice of Yu Ominae (CV: Chiaki Kobayashi), a boy who is the main character and works to seal the heritage of the ultra-ancient civilization as a spriggan, is also released for the first time. Would you mind checking out the power of the “Armored Muscle Suit” drawn with the new Spriggan? In addition, some of Koichi Double-edged, Victor Strong, etc., are also projected, raising expectations for the original fans as to which story will be animated.

As an additional staff, editor: Akinori Mishima, sound director: Yukio Nagasaki, mixer: Yoshio Ohara, good effect: Hiromune Kurahashi was also announced. The distribution of this work has been postponed to 2022, but all the staff is working diligently to aim for a higher quality video experience. Details such as the delivery time will be announced at a later date.

The second teaser PV has been unveiled, and the anime “Spriggan” shows even more excitement. Stay tuned for delivery in 2022! (C) 2021 Hiroshi Takashige, Ryoji Minagawa, Shogakukan / Spriggan Project

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