‘One Piece’ Luffy died once? The reason why the theory that ‘he was killed in the battle against Kaido’ is surprisingly convincing

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Is there a “back” to the miraculous revival? may

“ONE PIECE,” where the story is approaching the “final chapter,” attracts various topics weekly. In the midst of this, behind the still-fresh-to-remember “Wano Kuni” battle against Kaido, a slightly scary rumor was whispering on the Internet that “Luffy is already dead?” Although it is only a part of the discussion, I would like to introduce the “Luffy death theory,” which cannot be said to be impossible.

This article includes contents of “ONE PIECE” that have not been included in the book and have not been animated. In the “Wano Country Edition,” which fought a fierce battle with the former four emperors and Kaido, there is an effect that the victory or defeat is ‘announced’ when the contest ends.

The battle reached its climax, and Kaido’s “Horai Hakke” technique was decided. Usually, the “win or lose announcement” is not made until the final is fixed, but there seems to be some skepticism about the fact that the win and loss were declared once here, even though there would be a later resurrection. Before that, Luffy had defeated Kaido three times, but no announcement was made. There is also an opinion that this was a production that showed “the state where Luffy cannot win = death.”

In addition, the sound effect in the background of Luffy collapsing is “Sh…n”, which was also used in the scene where Don Quixote Rocinante (Corazon), who was Law’s benefactor in the past, died (presumably). Therefore, it is a broken expression. On the Internet, there are comments such as “The sound effect when a dead person appears in ‘ONE PIECE,'” “It’s the same expression as when Mr. Cora (Corazon) dies,” “Isn’t it supposed to mean death by analogy to past examples?”?” was also considered.

In addition, Kaido, a veteran fighter, clearly declared that “Luffy of the Straw Hat is dead,” and Momonosuke, who had stopped the crash of Onigashima, said, “Luffy’s ‘voice’… I can’t hear you…! ?” Regarding this line, “I don’t think Kaido, a strong man who has a great interest in ‘death,’ can also mistake the death of his opponent. It seems that Furthermore, when Luffy was resurrected in the form of “Nika, the god of the sun,” after being defeated, Kaido, who saw Luffy spilled, “You are… The line “Who is it?” is also seen as an expression that suggests Luffy’s decisive “transformation.”

The resurrected Luffy’s heartbeat was described as “Don dot ♪, “and the fighting style after that was all Luffy had not seen before. In addition, when Luffy’s mouth showed signs of resurrection and they made a smile, the onomatopoeic sound that was applied was not “nice” but “nice!”. Based on these factors, on the Internet, “Isn’t Luffy dead and ‘Nika (Joyboy)’ possessed?” There were also voices saying, “Luffy’s corpse as a ‘material’ might have ‘Nika’s soul’ dwelling in it, just like Lassoo who was born.”

There is also Kaido’s meaningful line, “Death is the perfection of a person,” and I feel the possibility that “death” holds some key in “ONE PIECE,” which is famous as a manga where people rarely die in the current part. The final chapter may reveal Luffy’s true identity after fighting Kaido.

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