Spring anime ‘Tengoku Daimakai’ Kirko hears rumors of a kidnapping group ‘Reconstruction Ministry.’Episode 5 leading cut

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From the spring animation “Tengoku Daimakyo,” the synopsis and preceding scene cut of the 5th episode “Welcome Day,” which will be broadcast on Saturday, April 29, 2023, has been released.

The original work of “Tengoku Daimakyo” was serialized in “Afternoon” in 2018 by Masakazu Ishiguro, known for “Soredemo Machi wa Mawaiteru.” In December of the same year, expeditiously, “This manga is amazing.” 2019″ is a near-future sci-fi adventure that won first place in the man edition.

In the near future, Japan will be destroyed by an unprecedented catastrophe and inhabited by strange monsters called “Haruko” and a clean and beautiful school surrounded by walls. It depicts the adventures of boys and girls who go back and forth between those two worlds.

The title of episode 5 is “Welcome Day.”
Maru and Kirko, who have returned to Tokyo, arrive at a town full of tents. Maru, who was playing at a game center, was spotted by a vigilante group and ended up sitting at home in an empty room.

Kirko collects information by himself and hears rumors of a kidnapping group, the Ministry of Reconstruction. At school, Tarao’s condition worsens. Meanwhile, Saruwatari finds a child’s footprints on the wall of the incubator room.

Episode 5 of “Tengoku Daimakyo” “Welcome Day” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX/MBS and others from April 29 and will be exclusively distributed worldwide on “Disney Plus.”

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