The sequel to the live-action movie Tokyo Revengers will be released in the summer of 2023 in the two-part work ‘Blood Halloween.’

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It has been announced that the theme for the sequel to the blockbuster movie “Tokyo Revengers” will be “Blood Halloween,” which boasts immovable popularity in both the original and the anime. It will be a two-part work, and “Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween Arc Destiny” will be released in the Golden Week of 2023, and “Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween Arc Decisive Battle” will be released in the summer of the same year.

The original is serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine,” and the novel setting of “Yankee x Time Leap” has become a hot topic. The cumulative circulation has exceeded 65 million copies (as of July 2010). Takemichi, a dull part-time worker, is depicted growing up to protect his loved ones and friends and to get revenge for his bad life.

In the live-action movie “Tokyo Revengers” released on July 9, 2009, Takumi Kitamura, Yuki Yamada, Yosuke Sugino, Mio Imada, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Atsushi Maeda, Hiroya Shimizu, Isao Isomura To, Shotaro Mamiya, Ryo Yoshizawa, and other famous and talented all-star casts gather. With a final box office revenue of 4.5 billion yen and an audience of 3.35 million, it became the No. 1 live-action film for theaters in the same year.

The anime, which began airing in April 2009, continues to rank high in the flat-rate distribution service, and the number of trailer views on YouTube has exceeded 25 million times. It was also nominated for the TikTok buzzword award, and the number of views of “#Tokyo Revengers” related videos exceeded 7 billion times. The original manga is currently being published in 18 countries worldwide, and it is engulfing not only Japan but also the world. From January 23, the second season of the TV animation ” Tokyo Revengers Holy Night Battle ” will also be broadcast.

“Blood Halloween,” which is the subject of the sequel, is an episode drawn from volumes 4 to 8 of the original. In the previous work, Takemichi met the members of the Tokyo Revengers, got revenge on her nemesis, and won the future to save her beloved girlfriend. However, Takemichi’s revenge wasn’t over yet. Hinata is killed again in front of Takemichi by the aggravated Tokyo Revengers. So Takemichi returns to the past and approaches the “sad incident” that tears apart the six East Manji founding members who are the key to saving Hinata.

In addition to the main characters such as Takemichi, Mikey, and Draken, new characters such as Keisuke Baji, Ichitora Hamiya, and Chifuyu Matsuno, who are overwhelmingly popular, will also appear. This episode, which depicts the passionate way of life of men with their own beliefs, is a viral and legendary story. Following the news of the decision to produce a sequel, attention is focused on who will play the famous characters, Kazutora and Chifuyu, who have already been in a battle of speculation among fans.

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