Stage ‘Boys Pretty Cure’ Additional Cast Announcement Kuma Hiramatsu, TAISEI (GUM), Yuichi Ito

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The additional cast for the first stage of the anime “Pretty Cure” series “Dancing☆Star Pretty Cure The Stage” has been announced. Kuma Hiramatsu will play the role of Hotaru Suzuki, TAISEI (GUM) will play the role of Mitsuru Utsumi, and Yuichi Ito will play the role of Kazuho Muroi.

This time, it is a high school boy who transforms into a Pretty Cure, an original story depicting the daily life of dancing and the mission of a Pretty Cure, a production unique to the stage and powerful dance and action unfolding before you. Deliver.

I was written and directed by Yo Hosaka, who presides over the theater unit “Kuso Kumikyoku” and has worked on numerous 2.5-dimensional stage and drama works. In addition, Ten Washio, the creator of the Pretty Cure series, will serve as supervisor, and Toshie Kawamura, who is in charge of character design for Yes! Pretty Cure 5'',Smile Pretty Cure!”, and “HUG! I put it down.

The cast that has already been decided is Shogo Tamura  as Cure Top, Ryo Takizawa as Cure Rock, Kiriya Morita as Cure Soul, Ryoga Terasaka as Cure Kagura, Iori Kotsuji as Cure Break, and Shinichi Wago as Pade deux.

The Tokyo performance will be held from October 28th to November 5th at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball, and the Osaka performance will be held at Sankei Hall Breeze from November 10th to November 12th.

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