‘Aharen-san can’t measure’ ED non-creation video released! The latest 13 volumes of the initially released today

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A non-credit video of the ending theme “Kyorikan” sung by HaKoniwalily has been released from the TV anime “Aharen-san was Ikarai”, which is being broadcast from April 1, 2022 (Friday).

The TV anime “Aharen-san is not measured” is based on the manga of the same name by Asato Mizu, who is being serialized in Jump +.

In many ways, the sense of distance between “small” and “quiet” Awa companion and “too far” and “too close” with Radio-Kun, who sits next to Aharen-san, is “not measurable”. Youth comedy.

The ending video released this time starts from the scene where Aharen-san and Radio-Kun are taking classes in the classroom. Even though the seats are next to each other, the location is depicted in which the sense of distance that was “natural” changes to the importance of space that “cannot be measured”.

In addition to showing several delicious bento boxes, the cute Aharen-san fashion show, such as maid clothes, witches, gym clothes, and yukata, is a stunning image.

As the opening video, the ending video is a video that exquisitely links the “Kyorikan” sung by HaKoniwalily and the sense of distance between Aharen-san and Radio-Kun. I want you to enjoy the “Kyori feeling” that makes you feel like you are being talked to gently.

In addition, “Aharen-san is not measured” was posted on a business trip in “Weekly Shonen Jump”, released on April 4 (Monday), and 13 volumes of the latest comics are also released today!

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