Omoinotake is in charge of the opening theme of the anime “Blue Period”

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Omoinotake will be in charge of the opening theme, and mol-74 will be in the order of the ending piece of the new anime ” Blue Period ” broadcast on MBS / TBS from midnight on October 1st (Friday).

“Blue Period” is an animated version of Tsubasa Yamaguchi’s manga of the same name, which won the grand prize at the ” Manga Award 2020″ last year. The work. It is a story about a high school student, Yaguchi Hachitora, who has excellent grades and is good at the world, awakens to the joy of drawing and aims for art school in his youth. Regarding “EVER BLUE” adopted in the opening song of this anime, Omoinotake said, “We’ve been in this band for nine years until today, just like Hatora, who says,” I like drawing, “just like” I like music. ” I think that is “EVER BLUE” that I drew as the opening song of such a blue period. The complex and the conflict, the blueness and the anguish of the initial impulse, and the hope that is surely waiting for it are all trapped. ” Commented. On the other hand, the ending theme is decided to be mol-74 “Replica.” They describe the song as “I put the message,” Don’t expect someone but change the world yourself. “

Omoinotake Comment I’m Omoinotake, who is in charge of the opening song for the TV anime “Blue Period.” I am honored to be involved in this beautiful work, which is full of the pain and splendor of “creating.” We were three people who didn’t have any “talent.”

“Then what should I do?” For years of trial and error, I arrived at the street live in Shibuya, which is also the stage of the Blue Period. “Doing what you like doesn’t mean that it’s always fun.” We put ourselves on the words of Hatora and made the overflowing words and melody into one song. We’ve been in this band for nine years to this day, and I think we just like music, just like Hatora, who says he likes drawing. “EVER BLUE” was removed as the opening song of such a blue period.

The complex, the conflict, the blueness of the initial impulse, the anguish, and the hope that awaits us, all trapped. I hope many people will put their hearts into this blue wish. mol-74 Comment This time, I will be in charge of the ending theme of the anime “Blue Period.” It’s my favorite manga, so I’m pleased and honored.

The anguish and conflict until the work is completed, and the joy and excitement of the moment it is completed. Although the cultures of art and music are different, many parts overlap with me, and I was pushed back many times by the appearance of the main character, Hachitora, who desperately resists his current situation. “Replica” contains the message, “Let’s change the world by ourselves, not expecting someone.” I hope this song will help you against the status quo.

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