Studio Live☆Fan Club 3rd Anniversary

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3rd anniversary of fan club-type crowdfunding aimed at original animation production of Studio Live Co., Ltd., led by Hiroshi Koshina, director of “The Vampire Dies Soon,” which is about to air the second season of the TV anime. A collection of original illustrations by 14 animators and the opening scenario of the original work under construction.

Studio Live Co., Ltd., a long-established animation drawing studio founded by the late Toyo Ashida, started fan club-type crowdfunding “Studio Live ☆ Fan Club” in November 2019, aiming to produce utterly original animation. I was allowed to.

We are gradually increasing the number of members while providing postcards with printed illustrations and original colored paper lottery rights as monthly rewards, centering on image boards along the plot of original works.

As an activity to create original animations, we have designed various characters, created settings, built worldviews, and created draft scenarios together with our members on the online salon.

In addition, through a cross-industry collaboration with the music service “with+m” provided by Video Sonic Co., Ltd., we have received the theme song, etc. We are making steady progress toward the realization of entirely original animation production.

The Studio Live ☆ Fan Club celebrated its 3rd anniversary in November 2022.

To commemorate that, we will distribute an illustration collection containing original illustrations centered on monthly postcard illustrations, just like on the occasion of the first anniversary.
In addition, to commemorate the completion of the first draft of the scenario at the beginning, which is a significant achievement of the 3rd anniversary, we will deliver the completed scenario as it is.

The illustrations included in this collection are mainly from December 2020 to November 2022, and a total of 34 images from 14 animators belonging to the studio will be recorded.

*Illustrated animators (in order of number of illustrations and published pages)

Hiroshi Koshina, Jun Yukawa, Nishiki Itaoka, Kiho Suzuki, Arion Nonose, Mayuko Nakano, Mayumi Fukushi, Kiyomi Ishiwata, Momoko Makiuchi, Yoshifumi Miyaji, Mika Takahashi, Miyajima Aya, Risa Suzuki, Seiji Kuboyama

In particular, this time, the illustrations of Al & Leo, the new characters with the motif of Komainu spirits, designed by Jun Yukawa, the animation director of “Mashin Hero Wataru Nanatama no Ryujinmaru” and “The Vampire Will Die Soon.” You can enjoy Al & Leo with many recorded and drawn by six different animators.

Also, just like the first-anniversary magazine, the video frames printed at the end of the monthly postcard are placed at the edge of the page so they can be flipped over.

This time, “Akiha turning the pages of a book” and “Fuyuka stretching” are placed on the lower right of even-numbered pages and the lower left of odd-numbered pages.

3rd-anniversary commemorative magazine distribution conditions>
As of November 2022, premium plan members must be members for three months or more, and others must be members for six months or more.

Even if the qualification is not satisfied as of November 2022, it will be distributed at the stage when it is confident in the continuation after that.

It will end as soon as the planned number of distributions is reached.

The Studio Live☆Fan Club will continue to carry out the motto “Management created together with members,” which has been the motto since the days of Nico Nico Channel, which is the advancement of the fan club by the campfire.

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