Are you speaking of ‘gambler’ characters? 3rd place ‘Kakegurui’ Yumeko Jabami, 2nd place ‘Gintama’ Gintoki Sakata, 1st place ‘Hypmai’ Dice Arisugawa

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It is a memorial day derived from the pun of the idiom “Ichikahachika,” which means leaving luck to heaven. There is a theory that the origin of “Ichikahachika” is Cho-han gambling, and it is said that one is “Ding” and eight is the upper part of “Half.”

Even in anime, many characters who are gambling will appear. There are various ways to draw it, such as having ridiculous luck, a poker face that never shows the inside of your hand, or getting sick and losing a sentence. Who is the most memorable fan of such gambler characters?

Anime there! Anime! Then, we conducted a reader survey for the first time in two years, entitled “What is a” gambler “character?” We received responses from 105 people during the survey period from December 16th to December 23rd.

The male-female ratio is about 30% for males and about 70% for females, which is many females. About 55% of the age group was 19 years old or younger, and about 25% were in their 20s.

First place is Dice Arisugawa of “Hypnosismic -Division Rap Battle-.” His approval rating is about 23 percent, up from 5th place last time.

Dice Arisugawa is a member of Fling Posse who pursues thrills. “I remember being very surprised when I first learned about the character because the profession was written as a gambler.” There are countless scenes I’ve received, “and” There are many losing scenes, but it’s cool to get a good feeling when it comes to this!” is.

Second place is Gintoki Sakata of “Gintama”. His approval rating was about 14 percent, the same as last time.

Readers said, “I love gambling, but I often lose and end up with only pants with Madao. It seems that Gin-san isn’t strong in gambling at all.” I’ll show you the pink strawberry trunks. “

The third place is Yumeko Jabami from “Kakegurui.” The approval rating is about 8%, dropping from the previous top but maintaining the top three.

“Let’s bet crazy,” a genuine gambler. Isn’t it the strongest in a private Hyakukao Gakuen where gambling decides everything? The gap with the usual grace is remarkable. “It feels good to see the gambling that unfolds with no thought circuit. It seems to be a gambler who enjoys the thrill rather than the risk of losing a bet. “

In August 2022, the new Netflix series “Kakegurui-Sou” will be distributed.

“This is Katsushika-Ku Kameari Koenmae police station,” Kankichi Ryotsu said, “I always go to horse racing and pachinko, and sometimes I make a lot of money, but I promise that I will get rid of a sentence.” “Because it’s a gambler enough to say.”

“No Game No Life” In the sky, “I’ve been struck by the last-minute games of winning and losing, but at the end, it’s the best to win cool!”

“Ensemble Stars! Rinne Amagi said, “I’m a gambling-loving person who spends money from friends for gambling, but I like the fact that I care about the members of the unit and my younger brother!”

“ONE OUTS -One Outs-” ToaoutakuchiOutd, “At first, I thought it was an average baseball animation, but the psychological warfare like gambling is attractive. I was paralyzed by the development of earning an annual salary of 100 million units with a complete volume system. The contract amount changes depending on the number of goals conceded.”

In this survey, gamblers who are not defeated when it comes to gambling and characters who always lose a lot of money are ranked in multiple ranks. The pitiful appearance when losing seems to be an element that makes the character lovable.

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