Tatsuhisa Suzuki band OLDCODEX 9/15 new song release canceled Anime movie ‘Free!’ Theme song preview release also canceled

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The new song “Heading to Over-Version: Free-” is scheduled for September 15 by the band “OLDCODEX,” whose vocal is Tatsuhisa Suzuki (37), who is inactive due to the affair. It announced on the official website on the 17th that it will stop selling. Movie version ” Free!-The Final Stroke- “was the theme song for the first part (released on September 17), but the song’s release was postponed.

The release of the movie trailer on the 19th, which was produced using this interview, was also canceled because “it is difficult to correct and change the music at this stage.”

The new song is a remake of the opening theme song “Heading to Over” of the TV anime “Free! -Dive to the Future-“. BANDAI NAMCO ARTS said, “About” Heading to Over-Version: Free- “which was scheduled to be released on September 15 (Wednesday) when we reported on the suspension of OLDCODEX activities the other day, the theme song with the OLDCODEX label staff.

Will be in charge of “Free! As a result of repeated discussions with the series production committee, we decided to postpone the release of the song, and accordingly, we decided to cancel the release. ” “We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and concern that we have caused to all the people concerned and those who have been supporting us regularly.”

The “Free!” Series production committee said, “In this work, OLDCODEX was appointed. In work, the production proceeded after having a meeting with the director and OLDCODEX with a connection and meaning. Following the suspension of activities this time, as a result of repeated discussions with the label staff of the production committee and OLDCODEX, we decided to postpone the release of the song, “reported on the official website. “For’Notice’, we used the theme song to produce it, but due to the difficulty of modifying and changing the song at this stage, the release on August 19 (Thursday) at 23:00 will be canceled.

In addition, since we are planning to announce new information separately on August 20 (Friday), we will change the purpose of the “new illustration countdown release” that is being carried out on the official Twitter of the work. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to everyone who has been looking forward to it, and thanks to you for your understanding. “

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