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Controversy over voting for ‘Girls Planet’ Possibility of a group consisting of ‘anti-American aid support’ members

In ‘Girls Planet 999: Girls’ War’, Chinese fans show signs of giving some participants negative votes, causing controversy.

Recently, according to Weibo (Chinese SNS), etc., Chinese netizens are showing a movement to give negative votes to Chinese trainees who made political statements in Mnet’s survival program ‘Girls Planet 999: Girls’ War’.

‘Girls Planet 999’, which was first aired on the 6th, is the debut project for a Korean, Chinese and Japanese girl group, and 99 girls from Korea, China, and Japan with the same dream of being a K-pop idol compete to form a global girl group of 9 members.

It became controversial when it became known that Chinese trainees such as Wang Ya-re, Suruichi, and Chen Xinwei posted support for ‘Anti-American Aid’ on their Weibo account before the broadcast.

Anti-American aid is a Chinese expression of the Korean War, meaning that China helped North Korea confront the United States. It also means that North Korea’s invasion of South Korea was justified.

Also, some participants, such as Xu Ziyin, Ma Yuling, Fu Yaning, and Liang Zhao, made statements supporting the Chinese government’s suppression of the human rights of the Uighurs in Xinjiang.

Last month, a petition was posted on the Blue House public petition bulletin board requesting blocked the program.

Since there is no quota system for each country in the debut group of ‘Girls Planet 999’, there is also a concern that if Chinese netizens with a large population collide, all members may become Chinese.

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