BLACKPINK ROSÉ, Ranked three times on the Circle Chart with a chart share of 0.2%, tied for 107th and top 36.9%. The representative song is ‘Gone.’

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2nd week of 2023 Circle Chart (2023.01.08 – 2023.01.14) BLACKPINK Rosé’s report card climbed the chart three times, including two global K-pop charts and one album chart.

Blackpink Rosé posted two songs on the circle chart in the 2nd week of 2023. He also charted his 1st album.

Among 412 artists (teams) who entered the circle chart last week, 152 artists (groups) who entered three or more times accounted for the top 36.9%.

BLACKPINK Rosé’s chart share is 0.2%, tied for 107th among 412 artists (teams) who entered the chart.

Each song’s number of chart entries is ‘Gone’ once and ‘On The Ground’ once.

The number of times each album entered the chart is the same as ‘R’ once.

The scores for each song are as follows: The chart performance of ‘Gone’ is 122nd in Global K-Pop. The chart performance of ‘On The Ground’ is 152nd in Global K-Pop.

The rankings for each album are as follows: The chart performance of ‘R’ is 69th on the album.

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