The Animated movie “Bubble” Expresses the moment when the hearts communicate with each other in parkour.

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In the theatrical original animation “Bubble” (released on May 13th, being distributed on NETFLIX), the main story of the scene where the main characters Hibiki and Uta communicate for the first time through parkour, triggered by the transparent and beautiful singing voice of the heroine Uta. The video has been lifted. Riria sings the ending theme of this work, “Well, see you again.” It is also the scene where she shows off her singing voice for the first time in her main story.

Tetsuro Araki directs this work, screenplay by Gen Urobuchi, character design draft by Takeshi Obata, music by Hiroyuki Sawano, and producer by Genki Kawamura. Proud creators gather. WIT STUDIO, who works on “SPY x FAMILY,” thoroughly explores the action expression that is a “household art” and immerses the viewer in the screen with a masterpiece of parkour action. Delicately drawn is a beautiful and ephemeral pure love story. Hibiki and Uta are guided by humming that only two people can hear, meet, be attracted to each other, and confront a tempting fate.

The unveiled footage begins with a scene where Hibiki listens to her past stories and sings a melody with Uta, who notices her feelings. She wasn’t very good at singing at first, but she gave off a beautiful, transparent voice when she started singing again. Hibiki can’t hide her surprise from the singing voice that Uta, who doesn’t speak much, suddenly unveiled. In addition, her memories flashback. When Uta shows a splendid movement on the melody to invite Hibiki, Hibiki also starts running as if drawn to that movement. From the appearance of gradually synchronizing, it is an impressive scene where you can feel the hearts of two people who communicate with each other without words.

The cast also mentions this scene as a favorite scene of this work and the location that can be communicated with parkour, which is also expressed as “love parkour” Director Araki said, “It is necessary to have so many drawings in the scene that communicates with the heart. That’s I thought it would be interesting to try to create it at this moment when the animator’s transcendental action and Mr. Sawano’s gekitomo music are the most exciting. The emotion I used to defeat the giants so far. I tried to use it for the sparkle of love. “

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