‘Cooking is served 3 hours later,’ Screams customers. Osomatsu-san has a lot of troubles at the collaboration cafe, and the operation apologizes.

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On May 8, 2022, the operation of the anime collaboration cafe “BAL OSOMATSUSAN” held in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, apologized on Twitter for the inadequacy of the business on the 7th, which is the first day.

It is reported that “there was a large delay in providing food and drink, and many order mistakes occurred.”

Report of “1st cup in 1 hour and 45 minutes.”

Menus with novelties and limited goods in collaboration with the TV anime “Osomatsu-san” based on the manga are on sale at the store. There is a 120-minute lunch system for dinner only and a 90-minute lunch system on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Mr. Bar Osomatsu’s operation was reported on Twitter on the 8th regarding the business on the previous day, “There was a large delay in the provision of food and drink, order mistakes, etc. due to inadequate operation.”

We apologize to the visitors, “I am very sorry for the great inconvenience and unpleasant feelings,” After confirming with the rights source, “We will respond to your apology.”

Furthermore, he said, “We are currently discussing with related companies to scrutinize the problems and improve them.” It is said that improvements will be made in the same day’s business. The details will be announced later, and I apologize as follows.

“We apologize for the great concern and inconvenience caused to our customers and fans of the work. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

On Twitter over the business on the first day, multiple users revealed the situation and caused ripples. Many people commented on the serving time, saying, “The first cup in 1 hour and 45 minutes” and “The food was served 3 hours later.”

Some users complained that they asked for a soft drink and drank alcohol without noticing it. Regarding the mis-offering, I should have asked for salmon and avocado carpaccio, but some said that tomatoes were used instead of fish.

The venue this time was the facility “Ikebukuro AK Building / IKEMEN BOX 2nd floor,” developed by JAPAN IKEMEN PROJECT GK (Toshima-Ku, Tokyo). In addition to being rented out as an event space, we are also holding a collaboration cafe with the contents of other companies that we have invited as an “IP cafe.”

J-CAST News requested the company to interview on the 9th, but the person in charge who answered the phone said, “(About this matter) I will not answer the interview.”

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