Jiro Sato replays Pumbaa! ‘Chip and Dale’s Great Strategy’ was announced with a lot of surprises

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This notice of Disney Plus’s original movie ” Chip and Dale’s Great Operation Rescue Rangers,” which depicts the famous characters of Disney animation, Chip and Dale, has been released. It turned out that Pumbaa of the super live-action version “The Lion King ” by full CG appeared in this work, and Jiro Sato will be dubbed again.

The stage of this work is modern Los Angeles. Since childhood, his best friends, Chip and Dale, dreamed of succeeding in show business and went on to make a big hit in the ” Chip and Dale’s Great Operation Rescue Rangers ” series. The world is predominant, and he runs up the stairs of the star, but Dale says he will start his show, so the series is discontinued, and their lives are completely changed.

After that, Chip worked as a salesman for an insurance company in the suburbs. Dale had a CG operation and was pondering the glory of the old days while working at the nostalgia convention circuit where nostalgic stars gather. Meanwhile, a former rescue ranger friend Monty was kidnapped after he was in debt due to cheese addiction. The two are resurrected as “Rescue Rangers” to save him. Around that time, there were many mysterious incidents in which animation characters other than Monty were kidnapped one after another, and behind that was the suspicious shadow of the gang boss, Sweet Pete.

In addition to Chip’n’Dale’s slapstick adventure, this announcement includes a mouse wielding a lightsaber from ” Star Wars, ” Lumiere from ” Beauty and the Beast, “and sneezing from ” Snow White,” Flounder from “The Little Mermaid, ” and a fat man. Disney’s masterpiece characters that everyone knows, such as Peter Pan, who has become a middle-aged man, and Pumba, who plays Sato, will make a surprise appearances one after another.

Sato, who replays Pumbaa, said, “I went to see Disney with” Inside Out “and” The Lion King. “At that time, I went to see it with my son, but frankly, I thought first. I was happy to participate in the work that can be seen with my boy in elementary school this time as well.”

Pumbaa’s voice will be served for the first time in about two and a half years, “Since it was a while since the last recording of” The Lion King, “I looked back at ” The Lion King “again before recording the voice in the sense of remembering. However, he said that he immediately regained his memory, saying, “I remembered it in an instant.” Because it was a scene to do, I thought that it would be better to show a slightly different side from the original Noh weather and optimistic Pumbaa, “he appealed that a new side could be seen.

” Chip and Dale’s Great Operation Rescue Rangers ” will be exclusively distributed on Disney Plus from 16:00 on May 20th.

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