The broadcast starts on the 9th! ‘Kingdom’ 4th series episode 1 synopsis & scene cut released

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The 4th series of the anime “Kingdom” will be broadcast on NHK General TV from 24:00 on April 9th. The preceding cut of the first episode was released in advance.

The first episode, “The Seven Countries After the War”, is about the Qin Kingdom of China BC. The captain of the “Flying Corps”, Shin, who aims to become a “general of the world,” was recognized for his work in the offensive and defensive battles with the joint forces over the national gate, Hangu Pass, and was promoted to “thousands of generals.” In addition, the deputy chief, Qiang Qiang, who had left the corps for a while, returned to life. On the other hand, the royal capital, Xianyang, also had a son born in Qin Wang, Ai Masa. As each country, exhausted by the big battle of the Hakotani Seki offence and defence, has entered a “civil war period” in which the national power is tested, Qin is also entering a new turbulent time.

The 4th series will be drawn after the biggest war in history, “Goujou Hen”, which left a big scar on the whole of China, including Qin. A young king who showed his strength in the battle with the combined army, Eimasa and his younger brother, Chengjiao’s devil’s hand. Shin, Wang Ben, and other powerful enemies who appear in front of young warlords, aiming to capture the critical point “Sho”, which is a further step toward the unification of China, are leaping forward on a new battlefield. Then, the “crown ceremony”, in which Eimasa becomes the great king of Qin, is approaching, and the final battle for power with Lu Buwei is coming.

This work is based on the manga by Yasuhisa Hara, who is serialized in “Weekly Young Jump” (Shueisha). The total number of comics published has exceeded 87 million, and in April 2019, the first live-action movie became a big hit and became a social phenomenon. Set in China during the Spring and Autumn Annals, it depicts the activities of a boy, Shin (CV. Masakazu Morita), who aims to become a general in the world, and a young king, Eisei (CV. Jun Fukuyama), who will later become the first emperor. The Chinese Sengoku Okawa romance.

TV animation 1st series from June 2012 to February 2013, 2nd series from June 2013 to March 2014, 3rd series from April to October 2021 (several episodes due to the influence of the new coronavirus) Was broadcast in April 2008).

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