Nobuhiko Okamoto, Yohei Tadano, Showtaro Morikubo, NON STYLE, Tetsuya Bessho, and others participated in the Ukrainian animated film ‘Stolen Princess.’

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It has been announced that Daimu Takatsuka, a member of the 11-member boy group INI, will be the main character Ruslan, and voice actor Rie Takahashi will be responsible for dubbing Princess Mila in the Ukrainian animated film Stoll. N Princess: Kiew Princess and Ruslan” (Released on September 22nd). Six other dubbing casts and their roles have been announced.

Nobuhiko Okamoto, a voice actor who has appeared in many works such as “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and “My Hero Academia,” plays the role of Lester, the main character Ruslan’s best friend. Decided. Although he is timid, he plays a character who develops himself by sharing adventures with Ruslan.

Youhei Tadano, who plays a wide range of roles, from dubbing foreign films and foreign dramas to anime, plays the part of the evil wizard Chernomor, who confronts Ruslan and Lester. He pretends to be an evil wizard who transforms the love power of the heroine Mila into his magical power.

In addition, Shotaro Morikubo, who appears in the anime “Major” and “Naruto Shippuden,” will play Ruslan’s rival knight Faraf, who unilaterally tries to marry Mira.

In addition, NON-STYLE’s Akira Ishida and Yusuke Inoue will also appear. The two play Kabutoo and Kintouo, villains of the city who attack the heroine Mira, who has set out to take over the castle out of sheer desire for adventure. With plenty of sarcasm and humor, it depicts two gangsters who threaten the city’s security.

Actor Tetsuya Bessho makes a special appearance as the King and father of the heroine, Mira. During the crowdfunding of this work, Bessho introduced it on his radio program, which led to an increase in the number of collaborators, and at the same time, there were voices eager for Bessho’s appearance. Bessho readily accepts the request to appear and plays his father, a strict king who cares about his daughter, with dignity.

Comments from Nobuhiko Okamoto (Ruslan’s best friend, Lester)

Lester is a funny and kind-hearted kid who works hard despite being cheerful and lazy. He has a lively position in the story, so I was enthusiastic about it. Therefore, I think it would be nice if something like Lester’s “goodness of people” were included in the film.

And when he talks about the movie as a whole, I was surprised at the high quality of how it was made very carefully. The story is easy to understand and gives courage to people of all ages, so I hope many people will see it.

Comments from Yohei Tadano (the evil wizard Chernomor) I

I played with all my might, wishing for world peace as soon as possible. He hopes that people will help each other, that the world will not fight, and that the Earth will turn into a wonderful planet. Please take a look at the theater by all means.

Comment from Shotaro Morikubo (The Sarcastic Knight, Faraf)

When talking about Ukraine, the first word that comes to mind is war, but many people also think there is a wonderful animation culture like this work. I hope it arrives! Ukrainian entertainment! The release was realized through the thoughts of producer Natsumi Kokawa and crowdfunding. Please take a look!

NON-STYLE Comment from Akira Ishida (role of Kabutoo)

This time, I challenged Inoue and the voice actor. When I put my voice in, the director instructed me to “lower the IQ a little more.” I lowered my IQ. Then he replied, “It’s too low.” So when I changed my way of speaking to raise my IQ a little, he said, “Please lower it a little more.” It is a role that focuses on IQ. Please enjoy it. By the way, Inoue puts a lot of effort into missing teeth.

Comment from NON STYLE Yusuke Inoue (Kaneha Otoko)

Anime voice actor, his childhood dream. No matter how many times he does it, he’s excited. He thanked Ukrainian Animation for giving him such a wonderful job. The character has missing teeth, so it was tough to figure out how to say “sa line”!!

Comments from Tetsuya Bessho (Mira’s father, who plays the role of the King)

The movie was made with Hikari’s paint. This work, “Light of Hope,” from Ukraine, will be released in Japan. I hope the world can join hands and share freedom and love by feeling the light of this work.

Through the radio program, I participated in this work and the passion of the people working hard for Japan’s first public release. Heroine Mila is exactly the Ukrainian Mirai of Courage. She is her father, and I am honored to play the role of the King. I sympathized with her existence and appearance, thinking about her daughter and country. Also, being able to participate in Ukrainian Animation and artwork has been a wonderful experience and learning for me as an actor. Thank you!

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