The latest 11 volumes of ‘Record of Ragnarok’ are bestsellers! The anime version of Netflix is ​​also a big topic at the same time in the world.

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On June 29, Tohan’s weekly bestseller was announced, and “Record of Ragnarok (11)” won first place in the comics. The second place is “Golden Kamuy (26)”. The third place was “Jujutsu Kaisen (16)”. The 1st place “Record of Ragnarok (11)” is a battle manga serialized in “Monthly Comic Zenon” (Coamix). It depicts the battle between 13 gods and 13 human representatives who appear in myths around the world. In the latest 11 volumes, it has advanced to the 6th game where Buddha appears. Since June 17, the anime version has been exclusively distributed worldwide on Netflix.

On the day of distribution, it won first place in Netflix’s “Today’s TOP10 (Overall)” and has received a great deal of attention worldwide. A PV showing the beginning of the story and the battle cards of the first to third games has been released on YouTube and has been played about 750,000 times. 1st place “Walkure of the End (11)” Azichika [Drawing] Shinya Umemura [Original] Fukuitakumi Composition

Peel off Jack the Ripper’s skin! The 7th Division of Sugimoto, Hijikata, and Tsurumi gathered at the Sapporo Breweries. A life-threatening festival begins. And what is the purpose of the tattooed prisoner, Kamiechi, who bothered to approach a dangerous place like being hunted? Drink! Shoot! Hunt! Three beats !!! Emotion Yami Nabe Western Golden Sake Color Vol. 26! (From the Shueisha website)

3rd place “Jujutsu Kaisen (16)” Gege Akutami Author Natsuyu talks about a part of his plan with Masato in his hands. As the magicians gather in the final phase of the Shibuya incident, the expansion phase notices the identity of the “black curtain” that parasitizes the dead body of summer oil !? The ruin and chaos caused by the end of the incident, the world changes suddenly (From Shueisha website) 4th place “Pharmaceutical shop alone (11)” Natsu Hinata [Original] Cat jellyfish [Drawing] Kazuki Nanao [Composition] Shinotoko [Character draft] (Square Enix) 5th place” ONE PIECE (99)” Eiichiro Oda Author 6th place “Ichi Kaneda 37-year-old casebook (10)” Seimaru Amagi [Original] Fumiya Sato Manga 7th place “SPY × FAMILY ( 7)” Tatsuya Endo Author 8th place “Uncle in another world (6)” Almost dead Author 9th place “Monster No. 8 (3)” Naoya Matsumoto Author 10 Rank “Tokyo Parasitic Revengers (1)” Ken Wakui Author Book Bang Editorial Department July 3, 2021

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