Higurashi When They Cry Episode 3 Pre-cut Release Lena’s Atmosphere

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From the TV anime “Higurashi When They Cry” (TOKYO MX, BS11, Sun TV, AT-X / every Thursday at 23:30, etc.) broadcast on July 8th, 6 points before the episode’s broadcast 3, The scene photo has been released.

Higurashi When They Cry” Episode 3 Preceding Cut (6 points) “Higurashi When They Cry” was announced in 2002 by the doujin circle ” 07th Expansion “. Good novel.

It is a mystery work that depicts the continuous mysterious deaths and disappearances in the village of Hinamizawa every June. When the trial version is released, the number of fans increases rapidly, and a wide range of media such as comic series, TV animation, and novels are developed. In 2016, members of NGT48 appeared, and it was made into a serial drama. As a cast, including Soichiro Hoshi, who plays Keiichi Maebara , Mai Nakahara, who plays Rena Ryugu., Mion Sonozaki & Satsuki Yukino as Shion, Mika Kanai as Satoko Hojo, and Yukari Tamura as Rika Furude.

The staff will be directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi, series composition by Naoki Hayashi, a character design by Akio Watanabe, and an animation production by Passione.

In episodes 1 and 2 that were broadcast on July 1st, Lena, who distrusts her father’s strangeness in Hinamizawa Village, learns that her father is a tribute to hostess Rina Mamiya. Recalling that his family had fallen apart because of him when he was young, he decided to fight the one who would destroy his family not to make the same mistake again.

In the first episode of the third episode, which was released, Lena, with a terrifying smile, Keiichi looks like thinking about something, and Rika and Satoko, who are enjoying their school life, are projected.

The third episode of the TV anime “Higurashi When They Cry” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and BS11 at 23:30 on July 8th, Sun TV at 24:30 on July 9th, and AT-X 9th at 21st. Broadcast at 30:30.

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