The latest episode of ‘Chibi Maruko-chan’ is controversial as ‘lookism’ Maruko sarcastically says to a woman in a furisode that ‘it’s amazing.’

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The national anime “Chibi Maruko-chan” (Fuji TV) is broadcast every Sunday. The broadcast on January 8th is titled “~New Year! Sakura Momoko Screenplay Festival~”, and the most popular script written for animation by the original author, Momoko Sakura (age 53), will be newly drawn and directed. Broadcasted. However, one scene in the “Coming-of-Age Day” volume is causing controversy on the Internet.

“Coming-of-Age Day” Volume, which depicts a day in which Maruko spends “Coming-of-Age Day.” Maruko, who has too much free time on vacation, invites her best friend, Tama-chan, to go out to play. “Hey, that person is wonderful,” “It’s true. She’s beautiful.” Another woman in a festive dress appears.

In contrast to the well-proportioned features of the first woman I saw, the woman was drawn with giant mouths and nostrils. When she saw Maruko, she said without thinking, “Gee, something amazing came out.” Tama-chan also said, “Yeah, that’s amazing…” with a strained voice.

There, Sasaki’s grandfather, who runs a kimono shop, appears. The woman’s kimono, which Maruko and others were surprised by, was purchased at Sasaki’s grandfather’s shop, and he says that he came to greet the woman who visited the photoshop. Maruko and Tama-chan continue their conversation while watching Grandpa Sasaki addressing her woman.

Maruko: Well, it looks like an expensive kimono.” Tama-chan: “Yeah, it’s a nice kimono.”

Furthermore, Maruko said, “If a beautiful woman over there wore it, it would look great.” When I heard Sasaki’s grandfather say to the woman, “You look perfect on you, and I’m sure you’ve taken a beautiful picture,” he said, “I’m sure you’ve taken a beautiful picture of your kimono.” “Kimono” is “pretty, isn’t it?”

After that, the scene changes to the story of a newly grown-up young man who meets at a shrine, but the woman appears again at the end of the story. There is also a scene in which Tama-chan’s father reluctantly captures her in a festive dress on camera.

Immediately after the broadcast, there was a series of critical voices on the Internet about this series of trends, saying that it is “lookism-like” that judges the value of people by their appearance.

Today’s Chibi Maruko-chan was very sharp with her lookism. I was watching Chibi Maruko-chan’s Coming-of-Age Ceremony story, but for some reason, there were many harsh scenes where it seemed like there was no point in wearing a good kimono. And it was unpleasant—rice field.

It was initially like this, but seeing it for the first time in a while feels strange. I used to love it when I was a kid. Today’s Chibi Maruko-chan is so unpleasant that I could die. “Could you please stop planting appearance supremacy on children’s programs? It’s too bad.

On the other hand, a viewer familiar with the original author’s style, Momoko Sakura, also said: “Sakura Momoko’s works have a lot of bad-tempered stories like that. Rather, that’s the style] [I think it’s interesting because it’s like Momoko Sakura~] [It’s a work from the past, and if the original author is Momoko Sakura, I think it’s acceptable] [It’s originally a harsh style. I don’t understand why Nochibi Maruko-chan is going up in flames with things like lookism.”

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