The main character of a masterpiece anime from the Showa era, ‘I want to have a mechanical body!’

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People with “mechanical bodies” appear in many manga and anime, from masterpieces of the Showa era to famous works in recent years. Now, on social media, there is a lot of excitement about considering such a machine body.

Works as an office worker and comedian simultaneously. I thought, “The body of an invincible, eternal machine!” However, I believe a mechanical body is useless because it is weak against moisture and moisture.”

Most mechanical bodies are indeed set to be “invincible and eternal” in stories. Still, most of the machines we come into contact with in the 21st century will break down or become unusable within a few years.

What if I made such a thing into my body? When Ochogo raised the issue, SNS users said, “It reminds me of Aibo’s fate,” I have to smoke a coolant cigarette, and RoboCop has no stand-alone nature, so it’s tough …” “Are you doing maintenance?” I was worried even though it was an enemy, but I wonder if that was advanced.” A few years after Tetsuro heard these words from his mother…the machine empire, which was a parts manufacturer, was destroyed.”

asked the author

I asked Mr Ochogo about it. Please, tell us about your impressions and images when you saw Mechajin in “Galaxy Express 999”. Ochogo: We, the generation who spent our childhood in the 1970s and 1980s, admired the mechanical body of a cyborg. It is the image of “Cyborg 009” and “Kamen Rider”, which is tireless and has abilities that far exceed those of humans. Also, in elementary school, my mother took me to the “Galaxy Express 999” movies I wrote about in my tweet.

The mother was more impressed than us and said, “It’s wonderful to live with a human body to the fullest instead of relying on a machine body.” I remember In the future, what do you think would happen if the human body were mechanized? Ochogo: When it comes to equipping the human body, I believe that biotechnology, such as artificially cultured internal organs, will be the way to go, and the “machine body” will only be an auxiliary thing.

There was a reply to the tweet saying, “Rather than a machine body, only human consciousness will exist in cyberspace,” and I think so too. Please tell us your thoughts on the comments and reactions so far. Ochogo: Even in “Galaxy Express 999”, the mechanical body is not versatile and is depicted as requiring replacement and maintenance, but many people pointed out that, and it is still loved today. I thought it was a work of art. Also, many people touched on the line in the movie version, “Milk makes the machine’s body rust,” and I thought that was an impressive line. Nostalgic AIBOThere were many people who mentioned it. It was fun to be touched by the sci-fi sensibility of the followers.

What kind of image do the readers have of the mechanical body? Of course, it’s nice that scientific advances are helpful for longevity and health, but I think that if they go too far, they won’t be good. Mr Ochogo, who provided the topic for this article, is currently publishing many novels on the Internet under the name of Toki Ohashi.

It has a light style with the theme of science fiction and reincarnation in another world, so if you are interested, please check it out. (Maidona News Special Contract Lieutenant General Takanori)

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