‘The Most Interesting Battle Anime of All Time Ranking 3rd ‘ONE PIECE,’ 2nd ‘My Hero Academia.’

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Among the many anime works, battle anime that fights against strong rivals and giant evils is one of the genres that both adults and children can’t help but get excited and addicted to. Therefore, when we surveyed 400 men and women in their teens to 50s and over (including those who did not answer their gender) nationwide, “Kimetsu no Yaiba” was selected as the most exciting battle anime ever.

WonderSpace Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo), which operates the entertainment information web magazine “TV Maga,” conducted an online survey from December 2022 to January 2023.

1. Kimetsu no Yaiba
A story in which the main character, Tanjiro Kamado, whose family was killed by a demon and whose sister was turned into a nightmare, throws himself into battle to return his sister to a human. Unique characters, a Japanese-style fantasy worldview, and a slow and slow development where you can enjoy comical scenes that make you laugh even in a harrowing story are gaining high support regardless of generation.

“I was touched by the way Tanjiro fights while encouraging himself with the friends he meets. Rengoku-san’s words also taught me important things in life.” It’s terrifying, and I’m fascinated by the force that burns my life.”

2. My Hero Academia
A worldview where heroes with various personality abilities play an active role in cracking down on villains (enemies) who abuse their personalities. It is characterized by The growth of the main character Deku, all the unique heroes and villains, and the famous decisive battle scenes.

“In the form of ‘individuality,’ everyone’s special moves are drawn to different places. It’s a wonderful work that clearly shows that the enemies that appear have their own beliefs, and you can empathize with any position.” Seeing the main character grow by working hard with his friends every day is work that makes me want to do my best.”

3. ONE PIECE This top-rated series has been serialized since 1997 and is based on a manga certified by Guinness World Records, with a cumulative circulation of over 510 million copies worldwide. The story depicts the friendship between Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who dreams of becoming a pirate king, and his friends, and is loved all over the world for its magnificent worldview and story.

“Even the characters who don’t appear often have their backgrounds and are very deep.”

A story depicting the appearance of Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student in danger of his life trying to protect his family from being attacked by evil spirits and throwing himself into the battle to exterminate evil spirits as a Shinigami substitute. The growth of the main characters, the bonds they form with their friends, the fights against giant enemies, and the stylish battle scenes have become a hot topic, and not only anime but also musicals and live-action movies have been made.

“Character abilities and settings such as backgrounds are meticulously crafted, and each character is so attractive that it has many fans.” “The world view is unique, attractive, and easy to understand.”

A work by Yoshihiro Togashi also gained popularity in “Yu Yu Hakusho.” Draw adventures and battles with friends you aim for. The original will resume serialization irregularly from 2022, and the author has announced that the story is heading towards completion, and fans worldwide are watching with bated breath.

“Every time I wonder how I could come up with such a thing,” “A work with many settings that have never been seen before.”

6. Attack on Titan]
Set in a city surrounded by high walls, fighting an unknown giant that attacks and eats humans, with an unprecedented worldview and cruel story, especially from the adult generation, It is a work that has gained a lot of support. The music that enlivens the story and the characteristic theme song is also popular.

“The battle scenes are beautifully drawn, and the battle scenes with the giants excite me.”

7. Dragon Ball
Based on Akira Toriyama’s manga serialized in ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’ since 1984, ‘Dragon Ball,’ the first animation stage, is the main character, Son Goku, from boyhood to youth. Draw. Generations supported it as an animation that can be enjoyed for a long time with mechanics unique to Akira Toriyama, unique characters, and the growth of Goku and others.

“It’s the most powerful battle anime, and it’s funny because it has gags and seriousness.”

8. Jujutsu Kaisen A In modern dark fantasy with the theme of “curse,” the main character, Yuji Kojo, an average high school student, except having superhuman physical ability, took the curse into himself. The story begins from there. The surprising development in which the main character is suddenly sentenced to death, the unique personalities and abilities, and the gap between fantastic battle scenes and gag parts can be the reasons for its popularity.

“The battle scenes are powerful and well-drawn. It’s cool to see the girls fighting fiercely.”

9. Chainsaw Man
A dark fantasy depicting the activities of a devil hunter who defeats demons in a world infested with demons. The brutal scene where blood is splattered tends to attract attention, but the unpredictable story and the development that makes you wonder what will happen next will keep people hooked. The different ending each time also became a hot topic.

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