‘Uma Musume’ The No. 1 ranking of your favourite ‘Winning Live Song’ has been decided! The third place is ‘winning the soul.’

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From February 25, 2022, to March 3, 2022, the Netorabo Survey Team asked, “What is your favourite winning Live Song’?”

In this questionnaire, we received a total of 440 votes. Thank you for voting! While there were many beautiful winning live songs, what kind of songs became popular? Let’s look at the ranking!

winning the soul
The third place was “winning the soul”. A song that plays when you win the classic triple crown race (Satsuki Award, Japan Derby, Kikuka Award) in the training mode. It’s a powerful rock song, but it’s also a song that somehow reminds me of suffering and sadness. In the anime, it was used as the ending song for the second and first episodes, and the main character Tokai Teio acted as the vocalist.

Yumewo Kakeru!
“Yumewo Kakeru!” Ranked in 2nd place. A song that was also used as the opening theme for the second season of anime. The lyrics that make you imagine Tokai Teio and Mejiro McQueen, the protagonists of the second term, running positively toward their dreams while encountering various difficulties are impressive. In the game, you can enjoy the song itself and the video production where the costume of the centre changes in the middle of the song.

Umapyoi Legend
And the first place was “Umapyoi Legend”! A song that plays when you win the URA Finals final in training mode. This song was released simultaneously as the “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” project announcement in 2016. It was also used as the ending song in the final episodes of the first and second seasons of animation. The unique phrases that remain in your ears, such as “Umapyoi” and “Zukyun Dokyun,” are impressive. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a song that represents “Uma Musume”.

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