‘Simply K-Pop’ We; Na, ‘Like Psycho’ united with loveliness.

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The new girl group We; Na colored the first row of the main room with vital energy.

We; Na (Doah, Eunah, Won, Yeonseo) appeared on Arirang TV’s ‘Simply K-Pop’, broadcasted at 7 pm on the 19th, and caught the eye with the diversity of four people and four colors.

We, Na, who decorated the stage with their debut song ‘Like Psycho,’ invited the public into their unique charm, fully armed with freshness.

We, Na, boasted a solid vocal with a plump melody that did not go out of time and were surprised with a perfect choreography with no errors. In addition, each of the four members attracted attention with their individualistic facial expressions and subtle beauty that provoked virtuosity.

We; Na, who focused the attention of the K-pop fandom with vocals when comes vocals, performance when comes performance, and skills that don’t miss anything, show a passionate image from the beginning to the end of the stage and at the same time make the viewers smile with the ‘Ending Fairy’ pose that they can’t help but fall in love with. Made.

We; Na’s debut song, ‘Like Psycho,’ which is highly anticipated by K-pop fans, is a retro dance song with lead synths. It emphasizes that the subject of life is ‘I,’ away from meddling around, and contains the content that even if it looks like a psycho, it is better that way. We, Na, who secured a global fandom even before their debut, such as winning awards, plan to continue their activities as a ‘global rookie’ in the future.

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