Chinese fantasy anime “Heaven Official’s Gift” Japanese version key visual released, ED theme is Sora Amamiya

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The new PV of the Japanese version of the anime “Heaven Official’s Gift” has been released. October 2020 has been delivered in China “heaven officer Tamamonofuku” is, BokuKaoru Doshu fantasy novel is the original that was a fictitious ancient China by the stage. The Japanese dubbed version will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX and BS11 from July 4th. In addition, the ending theme of this work is decided to be Sora Amamiya’s new song “Friizia”. In the new PV released today, along with the opening theme “Jiyu no Kissing” by Sid, the sound source of “Friizia” was also lifted for the first time.

The main story of the anime “Heaven Official’s Gift” differs between the TV broadcast version and the original version, and Amazon Prime Video delivers the original version at the fastest speed. In addition, it will be distributed on each distribution platform.

Comment by Sora Amamiya I am very happy to be in charge of the ending theme of “Heaven Official’s Gift”! It is a ballad that matches the world view of this very beautiful and magnificent work. Since the stage is ancient China, I sang with a soft smile, sadness, and strength while making use of that temperature in the song. It’s very exciting to imagine that it flows in the air with a beautiful picture! I hope you can enjoy the song along with the work!

Animation “Heaven Official’s Gift” □ Broadcast TOKYO MX: Every Sunday from 21:30 on Sunday, July 4, 2021, BS11: Every Sunday from 22:30 on Sunday, July 4, 2021 □ Delivery ABEMA: From Sunday, July 4, 2021, Every Sunday from 21:30 Amazon Prime Video: From Sunday, July 4, 2021, Every Sunday from 22:30 (Original version) Other distribution sites: 7 2021 month 7 days (water) than every Wednesday distributed from the 12:00 start (the original version) □ staff Original: BokuKaoru Doshu (Mo Shan tons Siu) Director: RiTsuyoshiRyo (Lee Haorin) Character design: Lee Sang Mi sub-character design: Kim Mi-jin, Park Min Jung, Yoo Min-ji, Hong Instruments series configuration・ Screenplay: Yurin Kasuga Music: Yang Bin-in Animation production: Haoliners Animation League Japanese version Production: Sony Music Solutions Co., Ltd., Aniplex Co., Ltd. (Sanran): Jun Fukuyama (Linwen): Yoko Hikasa Nanfeng: Shin Furukawa (Fuyao): Chiaki Kobayashi (c) bilibili.

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