The No. 1 anime character popularity ranking played by ‘Akira Kamiya’ has been decided! What is the second place after ‘Ryo Saeba’?

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Akira Kamiya has been active as a voice actor for many popular characters for many years. You play various roles skillfully, from fantastic characters to comical characters. Therefore, this time, the Netorabo Survey Team conducted a questionnaire from July 2nd to July 15th, 2021, asking, “Who does Akira Kamiya play your favorite TV anime character?”

In This survey, we received a total of 3424 votes. Thank you for your many votes! Which of the many popular characters was at the top? Let’s see the result immediately. (Survey period: July 2nd to July 15th, 2021, number of valid responses: 3424 votes)

  1. Kinnikuman

Second place, ” Kinnikuman hero of” “Kinnikuman ( Kin meat Suguru )”. The number of votes received is 420, which is 12.3% of the total. Kinnikuman, also known as Kinnikuman, is a story that grows while fighting with friends and rivals, and it has become so popular that it is still serialized. Kamiya-san is an anime version and played Kinnikuman, a big success at the show, even if you don’t usually rely on it. In the comment section, there is also a voice saying, “The phrase” Gyudon Ichigo 300 years ~ ♪ will suddenly hum even after decades. “

  1. Ryo Saeba

And the first place was ” Ryo Saeba ” that appears in “City Hunter” and “Angel Heart”! The number of votes received was 1290, which was 37.7% of the total. Ryo Saeba is a sweeper who works as a bodyguard and detective in Shinjuku. He is an unrivaled woman lover and has received “Tenchu” from his partner Kaori Makimura to reach out to the client’s woman. Still, when the battle begins, he plays a character that becomes powerful as a sniper. Mr. Kamiya himself likes Saeba Ryo very much, and the name of the voice actor office he established is taken from this work as “Saeba Shoji.” In the comment section, “I was in love with Saeba Ryo when I saw City Hunter when I was in elementary school.” “It’s amazing to be able to combine the second and third pieces into one character.” Many hot voices such as “Ryo Saeba! And Kamiya-san = Ryo-chan” fell in love with “the man in the middle.”

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