‘SAO’ new movie first preview video released. The appearance of characters who challenge the capture in unrest

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The first preview of the new movie “Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- The Sword Art Online Progressive” (released on September 10) of the popular anime “Sword Art Online” (SAO) has been removed.

Characters who challenge the capture in unrest in the video. You can also see the character Mito who appeared in “Aria at Night without Stars.”

In addition, the first PV of the memorial event, “Sword Art Online -Full Dive-,” which will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the anime, will be released. Eir Aoi, ASCA, and ReoNa have been added to the performing artists and FictionJunction feat. Eir Aoi & ASCA & Reona’s “Sword Art Online” has been selected as the theme song for the 10th anniversary of the anime “Sword Art Online.”

“Sword Art Online Progressive” is a reboot series by the author, Reki Kawahara, who delves deeply into the beginning of the entire “SAO” story and the trajectory from the first layer of Einclad. In 2021, a new animated movie series based on “Progressive” started. The first movie, “Aria at Night without Stars,” which was reconstructed from Kirito to Asuna, a heroine, recorded the first appearance in the weekend box office revenue ranking and the whole city. It was a long-running hit for ten weeks in all prefectures. Then, in 2022, the sequel “Scherzo of the Dark Dusk” will be released.

The “Sword Art Online” series is based on a novel by Reki Kawahara. In the story of Kirito, the main character is involved in various online games shortly, where virtual reality is achieved by connecting devices to virtual space. It is a famous work that exceeded the series’s cumulative total of 26 million copies. TV animation broadcasting started in 2012 and will be broadcast until the third period. The movie version was also released in 2017.

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