Yurufuwa is cute, and Pokemon x Netflix is an entirely new anime.

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On February 27, 1996, the RPG “Pocket Monsters Red/Green” was released, which would later spin a long history. To celebrate it, every February 27 is Pokémon Day. Did I know?

New information comes out every year, but what was announced this year was a completely new Pokémon x Netflix anime!

The appearance of Pokemon visiting the resort
The name of the work is “Pokemon Concierge.” The story of Haru, who works as a concierge on the stage of a Pokemon resort, and the Pokemon who visit there as guests.

Kodak is padding in the preview video, but various Pokemon should appear. The handwritten logo is also light and will be a highly soothing animation.

People who thought, “I’ve seen something I’ve seen before…” are sharp. Dwarf Studio, in charge of production, is behind the Netflix work “Rilakkuma and Kaoru-san.” A high-quality stop-motion work can now be seen in Pokemon.

The broadcast date of “Pokemon Concierge” is undecided at this time. What kind of Pokémon can we see?

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