The pilot film for the anime movie ‘Madness Mountains Naked Peak’ has been released!

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The pilot film of the animation film production project “Madness Mountains Naked Peak,” which gathered the support of 110 million yen, was released on Youtube on February 28, 2023 (Tuesday).

“Madness Mountains Naked Peak” is an animated film based on the scenario “Madness Mountains ~Yakin no Yamamine~” written for a tabletop RPG (TRPG).

Under the initiative of scenario author Madaraushi, crowdfunding was carried out at CAMPFIRE to aim for an animated movie as a personal and TRPG story, and the amount of support collected was 119.3 million. In the anime/manga category of the same site, it won first place in the history of the total support amount and the number of genuine supporters. It won the “CAMPFIRE Crowdfunding Award 2022” overall and first place.

And on February 28 (Tuesday), the pilot film will be released on Youtube. I am moving on to the next stage to aim for full-scale production of the top animation movie.

On the Youtube channel, some videos record the production process so far, so be sure to check them out.

Executive Producer Madaraushi said, “The pilot film is packed with the essence of the images we want to create. However, this is not the goal but the starting point. The real challenge begins here. The view from the top. Together. If you want to see it, please lend me your strength. I will do my best. Please dream together.”

In addition, the second crowdfunding for this work has also started. We want to ask for your support for this project, which is challenging the production of the main story.

What do climbers fascinated by the “madness mountains” that far surpass Everest and challenge them recklessly meet?

Pay attention to the animation film production project “Madness Mountains Naked Peak”!

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