The second main PV for the anime ‘Oshi no Ko’ has been released! GEMN Kento Nakajima x Tatsuya Kitani will sing the opening theme song, and Hitsuji Bungaku will sing the ending theme.

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The second main PV for the second season of the TV anime “Oshi no Ko,” which will begin airing on Wednesday, July 3, has been released, along with information on the artists performing the opening and ending theme songs.

This information was announced at the preview event for the first episode of the second season, held on June 30. It was revealed that GEMN, who will sing the opening theme song, “Fatale,” is a particular unit formed by Nakajima Kento and Kitani Tatsuya. The ending theme will be “Burning” by Hitsuji Bungaku. A portion of the audio for “Burning” was also revealed for the first time in the second main promotional video.

Second main PV

Comment from “GEMN,” the opening theme song singer

GEMN Profile
GEMN is a unit consisting of Nakajima Kento and Kitani Tatsuya. The opening theme song for the second season of the TV anime series Oshi no Ko, “Fatale,” will be released on July 4, 2024.

GEMN artist comment

GEMN “Fatale” jacket photo

Comment from Hitsuji Bungaku, the sung band for the ending theme song

Hitsuji Kamigaku Profile
An alternative rock band with a delicate yet powerful sound, consisting of vocalist and guitarist Moeka Shiotsuka, bassist Yurika Kasai, and drummer Hiroa Fukuda. They made their major debut on August 19, 2020, under FCLS (Sony Music Labels).

In 2023, their latest album, “Our Hope,” won the 15th CD Shop Awards 2023 Grand Prize . In September of the same year, “More Than Words” was selected as the ending theme for the TV anime ” Jujutsu Kaisen ” and “Shibuya Incident.” The song exceeded 100 million streams in Japan and was a huge hit, ranking first on music distribution sites such as Apple Music and iTunes.

On December 6 (Wednesday), the band released their major 3rd full album, “12 Hugs (Like Butterflies)”, which includes the song. They appeared at the FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL’23 live, recording an unprecedented number of attendees for an artist performing on the GREEN STAGE during the day.

Tickets for Hitsujibungaku Live 2024 “III” held in April this year at Yokohama Arena, the most prominent solo concert in their career history, sold out in just three minutes. In addition, the band’s first Asian tour, Hitsujibungaku ASIA TOUR 2024, held in March, was also sold out, and additional shows have been scheduled in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Hong Kong from July.

They are making a full-scale advance overseas, mainly in Asia, and are making a flexible leap forward to make further leaps.

Comment from Hitsuji Bungaku artist

TV anime [Oshi no Ko] 2nd season broadcast information

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